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Need Tech Support?

Tech triage support is available every Mon, Wed, Thurs, Friday 8 – 8:45 a.m. and during lunch periods, as well as during COMPASS on Tues, Wed, Thurs. 

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Device User Agreement 2018-19 - Latitude 3190.docx

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  1. Issues logging in?

Students should only use their Student ID# and password when logging onto the Dell laptop.  The last line should read "Sign in to:  FCBOESTU".  (See image below.)  If the below image does not match what the student sees when attempting to log onto the laptop, the student should take the laptop immediately to the Media Center for assistance.   

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  1. Touchscreen not working?

Check to ensure all Microsoft updates have been installed.  After Microsoft updates have been applied and the devices has restarted, please wait for 2 minutes.  After a couple of minutes check to see if the touch screen is working properly.  If the touch screen still does not respond, please take the laptop to the Media Center for assistance. 

  1. Headphones not working?

The user should try a couple possible solutions first:

    1. Test the computer with a different set of known working headphones.  The issue could be the original headphones are not working properly.
    2. When the user connects headphones to the headphone jack a pop-up window may appear.  The user should select "Headphones" then "OK".  Please DO NOT add the checkmark (√) in the box next to "Don't show this dialog again".  Sometimes users select the wrong input device causing the audio not to play correctly via the headphone jack. 


  1. Google Classroom issues?

If you experience Google Classroom issues please try the following possible solutions:

    1. Please use the Google Chrome web browser installed on your laptop.  Do not use Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer web browsers. 
    2. Ensure you are not signed into your personal Google account.  If so, you will need to sign out of your personal account.  After you have signed out of your personal Google account please exit and re-open the Google Chrome web browser.
    3. Log into Google Classroom with your Google Classroom  account.  This is slightly different than your regular student account. 
      1. Google Classroom UserID:  StudentID@fcsgaonline.com.   
      2. Enter your password

        If you are not able to access your Google classroom account please stop by the Media Center for assistance.  If you are able to log into your account but are having trouble accessing a document, please contact your teacher who issued the assignment. 


  1. DRC testing app or Global Protect home icon missing?

Please take the device to the Media Center for assistance.  

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