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Students who are under expulsion or long term suspension, whether enrolled at Crossroads Second Chance North or not, are NOT permitted on the property of any Fulton County schools.  This includes, but is not limited to: carpool, sporting events, or fine arts events.  If seen and/or caught on the property of a Fulton County School, the student may be arrested and/or charged with criminal trespassing. 

Fulton County Code of Conduct 2011-2012 (English)

Fulton County Code of Conduct 2011-2012 (Spanish)

Dress Code

All Crossroads Second Chance North students are required to wear school issued uniform shirts. Shirts may be purchased at the front office.

Students are not permitted to wear jackets in the classrooms.  Coat racks and hangers are provided in the Commons area upon student arrival. The racks are locked in a storage room until students are dismissed.

Students are also not permitted to carry backpacks or purses into the classrooms.  These may be stored in the students' lockers.

The principal expects all students to be neat, well groomed, and school appropriate when they arrive each day.

The official Crossroads Second Chance North uniform consists of:

  • Khaki pants worn at the waist; no shorts or skirts allowed
  • Visible, plain, black or brown belt
  • Crossroads monogrammed uniform shirt
  • Solid black or white socks
  • Solid black, brown, or white tennis shoes with black or white shoe strings or black, brown, or white flat shoes
  • Shirt tucked in for all students
  • Solid white short or long sleeved undershirt


Absenteeism is one of the major causes of poor work and failure in school. It is the position of the administration and faculty that every class meeting is important. Anything less than perfect attendance may have a detrimental effect on the grade and learning for the semester. All studies indicate that frequent absence from class is a predictor of future dropouts. Students absent more than four (4) days may be referred to the school social worker for truancy.


Students absent from school without parental knowledge prior to the absence are considered truant. Truancy is a major attendance violation and more than 5 unexcused absences incurred by a student under the age of 16 is a violation of Georgia Law. Please contact our School Social Worker, Dr. Benjamin Downs, at (770)552-6333 ext. 125 if you have any concerns regarding your student’s attendance.


Students should arrive at school in sufficient time to allow them time to be searched, checked in, and be  seated in 1st period at 7:30 AM. 

Tardy To School

If a student arrives at school after class has started for the day, he/she must sign-in at the main office immediately with a parent/guardian. Failure to report to the office immediately upon arriving on campus constitutes a major attendance violation.  Three tardies to school may or will equal one absence.

Tardy to Class

If a student reports to class after the bell has rung, he/she will not be admitted to class. Once the student is tardy, he/she must obtain a pass from the front office to be admitted to class. After three tardies, an office referral will be generated.

Student Hours: 7:30 am to 1:05 pm

1. All MS classes held on the second floor
2. All HS classes held on the third floor

Building Hours: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm
Students must remain on campus until the end of the school day unless participating in a supervised community activity.

Levels:  Positive Discipline Behavior Modification Plan

Positive discipline is an approach that Crossroads Second Chance-North has adopted as an essential part of the overall success of its at-risk students.  This approach is designed to help teach young people to become more responsible, respectful, and resourceful.  By incorporating aspects of positive discipline into the daily procedures at Crossroads North, students are empowered to do better for themselves and their community. 

In creating a positive discipline model, Crossroads North implements a level system of behavior.  Student progress through the level system is determined by a percentage of points earned each day.  In each class period, students may earn up to fifteen points for being "prepared" with the appropriate materials, including homework, "plugged in" to the day's lesson, and "polite."  A total of ten points is added for transition times and for the return of the previous day's point sheet.  These are the basic principles of responsibility, attention and participation, and appropriate behavior.  Students lose five of their daily points if they do not return the previous days' point sheet signed by a  parent/guardian. 

Upon enrollment at Crossroads North students are placed on Level 1, Day 1.  Students on Level do not participate in service learning Fridays; instead, they are given the Fridays to complete make up, missed, or recovery assignments, catch up on assignments, and/or receive extra help on assignments they may not fully understand.  Students must maintain a daily average of 70% or higher for a minimum of fifteen days and turn in a minimum of ten signed point sheets from Level 1 to be moved up to Level 2. 

Once students reach Level 2, they may then begin to participate in service learning Fridays.  However, at any point that a student is failing a class, has been suspended during the week, or on a teacher's recommendation, the student may be held from Friday activities to complete assignments and work on academics.  Students must maintain a daily average of 80% or higher for a minimum of fifteen days and turn in a minimum of ten signed point sheets from Level 2 to be moved up to Level 3. 

Once students reach Level 3, they may wear jeans with their uniform shirt.  The jeans or other pants must follow the Fulton County Schools and Crossroads North dress code policy.  Students must maintain a daily average of 90% or higher for a minimum of fifteen days and turn in a minimum of ten signed point sheets from Level 3 to be moved up to Level 4.

Once students reach Level 4, they may dress down (out of uniform) as long as they are dressed according to the Fulton County Schools and Crossroads North dress code policy.  Also, Level 4 students do not require an escort; they may be given a pass by a teacher to leave the classroom.  Students must maintain a daily average of 95% or higher to be successful. 

At any point, on any level, students may be dropped to the first day of the previous level by administration.  Students may also be dropped if they have three consecutive unsuccessful days for any reason.  All students on Levels 1-3 require an escort at all times they are not in the classroom.  This includes and is not limited to visits to the restroom, lockers, office, and counselor.


Click here to see a sample point sheet.

 Bell Schedule

BREAKFAST:       7:00-7:28
1ST PERIOD:      7:30-8:22
2ND PERIOD:     8:24-9:11
3RD PERIOD:     9:13-10:00
SNACK BREAK:  10:02-10:17
4TH PERIOD:    10:19-11:06
5TH PERIOD:    11:08-11:55
6TH PERIOD:    11:57-12:45
LUNCH:            12:47-1:05
DISMISSAL:      1:05

Students are expected to arrive on time daily. If a student arrives after 7:30, a parent must sign them in at the front office. Students arriving after 7:30 without a parent escort may not be admitted.

Students in ISS follow an alternative class period and lunch schedule.

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